What I Offer

What I offer

To be successful in the industry today you need to ensure that you have the right strategic planning, people, systems and a strong business foundation. At Nexgenpm we have the resources to help you achieve success.

Whether your business is a part of a franchise group, an independent agency, an existing business or if you are just starting out, Nexgenpm can provide you with a range of business solutions.
Below is a range of business systems that can be tailored to suit your business today and into tomorrow. We also specialise in specific one on one mentoring and coaching programs to help get the best from you and your people.

Business Analysis

13 week program An in depth analysis to help you assess the capabilities in each area of your business. This analysis creates greater insights into deficiencies across the agency and helps a business owner understand and unlock the deeper issues through performance measuring.

The Your Symposium

1 day This one day strategy workshop designed to suit your business and your needs. Initial consultation of half day allows you as the business owner or leader explore the key issues in and will set our agenda for the day. This program is designed on a discussion platform using your real life case studies from inside the business. As your facilitator for the day we will explore these outcomes in depth and also provide you with take away strategies for your business.

Risk Management

8 week program Inside a property management business there are risks. Sometimes these risks are hard to identify sometimes they show themselves when it is too late. A risk analysis of your agency will help you uncover the traps and pitfalls. Working collectively together we will build a risk management and business continuity plan and implement it into your agency.

My First Three Months

13 week program Starting out in any business is challenging, for property management it can often be a make or break situation. I have worked with many startup businesses and helped them through the trials and tribulations. Having a coach and mentor can make all the difference. Getting this right and setting your foundations will help you build a solid base for your business and ensure that you achieve success.

Leadership Coaching

12 month program As the rent roll grows and your chosen strategy is clarified, so must the skills and insight of the people inside your Leadership team. A critical element of this is to ensure that there remains a strong focus on a shared vision of where the business is going and create a culture that encourages all team members to develop their skills, embrace change and achieve results. A strong team creates an agency of attraction and also sees an , become a platform for a long and rewarding industry careers.

The Communication Masterclass

2 week program Communication for success is a 2 week program comprising 2 x 2 hour internal agency face to face sessions and 1 month after completion a final 1 hour video conferencing check in. Development of a strong communication platform, refining the communication skills of your team through written scripts and dialogues, also helping you and the team implement this program into your agency is included.

Agency Integration Workshops

1 day in-house program Integration generates income and new business. If all parts of the business are not working collectively together then the agency is missing opportunities. In office training sessions are highlighting the benefits to sales people and property management staff of engaging a finance broker in their business. Education on how a broker can introduce a more valued experience for their customers and provide a differentiation compared to their competitors. The one day workshop will you and the team with the knowledge and skills to ensure that your business is engaging every opportunity.

Effective Handling of Conflict

Half day workshop in house Conflicts trigger strong emotions. If you aren’t comfortable with your emotions or able to manage them in times of stress, you won’t be able to resolve conflict successfully. Conflicts are an opportunity for personal growth and learning. When you’re able to resolve conflict in a relationship, it builds trust. You can feel secure, knowing your relationship can survive challenges and disagreements. Many people struggle with conflict and it can be for many reasons, this workshop will help uncover those trigger points and also help you put into place strategies that are proven to reduce conflict overall.

People Make the Difference

26 week program Getting the right people inside your business is the first step, keeping them is the next. A good business will become a great business if your people are in the right roles, you provide them with the right tools and train them in the right way. Identifying this is the key. Ensuring that you have have a 360 degree review platform set up is just the start. The PMTD program is designed to help you recruit for attitude, skill inside the business and provide recognition for performance. Engaging your staff will empower them and creates a healthy culture.

Mystery Shopping

1 week program Find out how customers experience your business and how this compares to your competitors.

Strategic evaluation and choice

1 day program Using Apmasphere’s framework, Connecting the Dots, choose the strategy that supports your vision for your business and create an action plan tailored to your agency.

Financial performance

2 Days Get to know your financials intimately – the cost of business acquisition, how much each management is costing you, your profitability waterline and what your asset is really worth.